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Click Track Audio boasts some of the most reasonable, cost-effective project rates in the country. We can provide you with either a day rate or a project-specific quote that will fulfill all your needs!
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Day Rate:
A day rate consists of a 12-hour day starting from arrival on site. The day rate includes engineer and assistant. Rates may vary due to project size, requirements and whether the project requires additional services, crew or input capability.

Boutique Packages

Click Track prides itself on being a flexible accessible company. From our mobile truck design, to the way we operate, flexibility is core to our business.

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Combo Live & In-Studio Packages

The best of both worlds! Record your project live with us, and then have it mixed in a world-class studio facility for less! This service is tailored to exactly meet your needs, so call us for details!

"All-in-One" Packges

These Full-Production packages are available to allow us to be your "One-Stop-Shop". In conjunction with the Studio Mixing packages shown above, we can also arrange to take your project from the inception stage right to the duplication stage at one remarkable cost.

Getting the duplicators involved at the beginning because we can align all aspects of the project to ensure that there is a seamless flow between all the various groups involved in your project...which SAVES YOU MONEY!!!

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Ancillary Services

Click Track is a full-service provider of audio solutions such as web-streaming, production mixing, per-song mixing, format transfer and conference recording.

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